The Bridge Kids

At The Bridge, we have a large number of children! In fact, about 1/4 of our community is kids under 13. And we love it! We believe in the importance of multi-generational community, and the value of families worshiping together, modeling a lifestyle of worship and study to our children.

The Bridge is a type of family-integrated congregation, meaning that families worship in much of the service together.

During the main message (the last 30-40 minutes of the service), we have a kids class for ages 5-11 where the kids will learn more about God, Scripture, and even some Hebrew thrown in! (Please note, we do not have this class on the first week of each month where we have our Torah Service. Children are encouraged to join service with their families.)

We also have a nursery available for our littlest ones ages 4 and under.

For our pre-teens and teens we offer a B’nei Mitzvah class for children ages 12+ on an annual basis as needed.

It is our desire to serve families and help parents reach their children with the love of HaShem, Torah, and community!