The Bridge isn’t somewhere we go, it’s something we are.  At The Bridge, there are several ways for you to get involved and be a part of the story God is writing through His people.  We encourage everyone who calls The Bridge their home congregation to serve, invest in relationships, and live a generous life.

As our community grows, it is critical for everyone in it to embrace the responsibility of helping to serve and care for it. We are building several teams of people to serve The Bridge in a wide variety of ways:

Children’s Ministry Team:

This team runs the nursery and will eventually be teaching kids classes during the weekly Torah study. Background check required.

Hospitality Team:

This team greets visitors at the door, helps to answer questions, and helps them get settled in.

Security Team:

This team of men helps protect our community by watching over our facility during services. Background check required.

Youth Ministry Team:

This team organizes events for the youth and help mentor them as they transition to young adulthood. Background check required.

Brotherhood Team:

This team of men plans and organizes events and study groups for men of all ages and stages in our community.

Reset Team:

This team helps oversee cleanup and make sure our facility is properly cleaned and reset at the end of each Shabbat day, ensuring a beautiful worship time for the churches who also use the building.

Multimedia Team:

This team runs the sound board, live-stream, and projection during the service, keeping things running smoothly. We are also looking for those with a knack for photography to capture moments of our community life.

Worship Team:

This team of vocalists and musicians helps lead our congregation in worship every Shabbat morning. Audition required.

Sisterhood Team:

This team of women plans and organizes events and study groups for women of all ages and stages in our community.

If you are interested in serving The Bridge in any of these ways, please fill out the contact form here. Thank you!