Passover Resources

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As you are planning your family’s seder this year, we are gathering resources to help you navigate this meaningful holiday!

Passover Elements & Definitions

Pesach – Passover
seder – the Passover ceremony with 4 cups of wine, etc. that is typically done on the first night of Passover
haggadah (pl: haggadot) – a written guide that walks you through the seder
matzo/matzah – unleavened bread made with flour and water and used in the seder
chametz – leaven and leavened products, the definition of which varies by community and tradition
charoset – a mixture of nuts, fruit, wine, and spices that represents the mortar used in brickmaking in Egypt
maror – bitter herbs (usually horseradish) which represents the bitterness of slavery
karpas – a green vegetable (usually parsley) which is a reminder both of the hyssop used to apply blood to the doorposts and also new life, and is dipped in salt water
lamb shank bone – a bone is used in remembrance of the Passover lamb which cannot be offered due to the absence of the Temple
baytza – a hard-boiled egg symbolic of life and the peace offering brought to the Temple (some don’t use this element)

Other things you’ll need for a typical seder include:
wine or grape juice – enough for everyone to have four cups
salt water – a small bowl to dip the karpas
water and a towel – a bowl of water for washing of hands
a set of candles – for lighting at the beginning of the festival
a matzo tash – a cloth holder for 3 pieces of matzah

The Interactive Passover Guide from Congregation Baruch Hashem

Our first recommended resource for your Passover is this beautiful and complete guide from Congregation Baruch Hashem in Phoenix. CBH is an IAMCS congregation with Spirit-filled leaders (whom Pastor Mark & Judy know personally) who have a passion for our Lord and for the Messianic community. They also have a pre-recorded video seder that will literally walk you through the entire thing! If you find this guide to be helpful, please bless them with an offering.

Passover Resources from One for Israel

Another great set of resources we found is this from One for Israel. One for Israel is a Messianic outreach organization focused primarily on Israelis. This also has recipes and a downloadable haggadah.

Resources for Children & Families

What’s a kids’ Passover without crafts? Here you can download either full-color or outline (for coloring) versions of finger puppets to represent the 10 plagues. It’s a fun way to get your kids engaged in telling the story!
Here’s a fun coloring book from Chabad, an orthodox Jewish outreach organization.
And here’s another coloring book from Aish, another orthodox Jewish organization.

May you and your family have a blessed and meaningful holiday, celebrating the freedom God has provided for us through His miraculous provision and love!